The School has a structured camps programme with camps for all boys in Years 7 to 11. These camps are held in the final week of the School year. There is also a three day orientation camp for Year 7 held in February each year and an Army Cadet bivouac held at in the last week of Term III.

七年级及八年级 营地 are held at standing campsites with cabin accommodation and meals are catered for. The boys take part in a wide range of activities including canoeing, 定向越野比赛, 绕绳下降, bushwalking and outdoor games and competitions.

年9 boys undertake Army Cadet camps which are based at military training establishments, but where boys are expected to undertake more demanding outdoor pursuits than in Year 8.

年10 boys not in 学员 take part in a hike in an area which is thought to best suit a boy's strength and ability.

年11 boys either attend Army Cadet camps, opt to act as leaders on Year 7 or Year 8 camps or attend a special 年11 camp which is in line with the outdoor activities held in 年10. There is also a small group of 年10/11 boys who travel to Yarrabah, a remote Aboriginal community in north Queensland and another small group who undertake a special community service activity in Sydney.

These camps are planned to cater for the broad needs of each boy at his stage of development. 因此, the Year 7 camp concentrates on outdoor games and educational experience; Year 8 makes more challenging physical and socialising demands in a more rugged and difficult environment. 营地 may be seen as the ultimate stage of a sequence which seeks finally to give many boys the chance to take part in a challenging adventure and to become more self-reliant and resourceful.



Requests for leave from camp must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the activity in writing or by email to Dr Luke Gilmour, 联合课程副主任, cocurricular@shore.新南威尔士州 If the leave request is a complete absence from all school activities then it should be directed to Dr Andrew Mansfield, 副主管行动, operations@shore.新南威尔士州 Approval will be given in writing and noted as an approved absence on the student’s attendance records. Requests after this four week period will not be granted and any absences will be recorded as unapproved leave. 营地 are an integral part of the school’s educational programme and leave will only be granted under exceptional circumstances.

Should a student suffer illness or injury within the four week period prior to the commencement of a camp, the parent or guardian must provide the School with a medical certificate that details the nature of the illness or injury which includes medical advice recommending the student not attend the camp. Camp fees will not be charged to students who are granted approved leave from camp. Students who are deemed medically unfit to attend camp and do not notify the school within the appropriate period (four weeks) will be charged all or any pro-rata fees levied by the provider for non-attendance.


Boys are not permitted to stay at home during camp week. If you son is ill or injured and unable to attend camp at the time of its commencement, you should email the School Sergeant Major indicating your son’s Name, 房子, 一年组, the camp he was to attend and the reason for absence. Although your son may be unable to attend camp he should still attend school as usual unless he is granted permission to stay at home due to illness or injury. Unless this is the case, your son must attend school from 8.上午20时至2时.50pm each day where he will be supervised and given meaningful work and tasks. He should report to the Office of the Sergeant’s Major and in school 统一的.

An email from 父母 must always be provided to cover any absence from Camp and any absence on medical grounds requires the provision of a medical certificate.

Information During End of Year Camp Week

During Camp week at the end of each year, it is understandable that many 父母 wish to confirm information about departure and return times for 营地. Please note that these are always provided to all boys and 父母 in writing. 很少, there may be a need for the School to provide information about the status of a camp or the welfare of boys on particular camps. 为了这些目的, the School's wet weather number has a message service which will provide information and can be updated as appropriate.

End of Year Camp Information Number (during End of Year Camp Week only): 9956 1135