学校的体育运动旨在让每个男孩都能发展技能, 良好的体育精神, 行为端正,公平竞争, 始终理解裁判的决定是不容质疑的. The sporting programme of the School is a vital part of the learning and development process of every Shore boy.

肖尔是大公立学校体育协会(AAGPS)的创始成员之一。. 与其他GPS学校相比,学校的参与度和技能水平都非常高. In addition, fixtures are enjoyed against other schools in Sydney, from interstate and from overseas. 肖尔在GPS校际比赛中的成绩令人印象深刻. The School prides itself in presenting teams that are well prepared in all games throughout the sporting calendar.


It is compulsory for all boys to participate in sport until their final year and the majority of final year students continue to be involved in the sporting program.

The choice of sports has grown in recent years and the aim is to provide regular coaching and supervision for all teams so that all boys can improve their level of performance and gain educational benefit and enjoyment, 无论等级如何.

The staff of the School is responsible for the coaching of boys twice a week after school as well as attending sporting fixtures held mainly on Saturdays. 除了借鉴自己的运动经验外, many of the staff have undertaken intensive programmes to qualify for national coaching certificates and to update their skills.

The School is proud of the success achieved in sport as well as the high level of enjoyment which the boys of Shore have had throughout the years at the schoolboy level.

所有在Shore进行体育运动的男孩都可以在北悉尼校区享受出色的体育设施, 北桥纪念运动场或埃里克·拉塞尔·辛克莱纪念船坞.

板球  足球  SSL  划船 



校长出席并主持体育行政会议, 委员会的主席是体育主任. 另外任命了8名工作人员(通常是负责某项运动的负责人), 与荣誉秘书(学长)一起. Captains of 体育运动s in which Colours are awarded become members (12) and two other senior boys are selected to sit on the committee.

运动夹克是一种服装, 主要用于体育场合和, 因此, 可以穿在任何场合, 包括河的头和G.P.S. 体育运动. 戏剧演出和校际辩论时也会穿. As a rule blazers are available to boys who have reached Year 10 subject to certain requirements being met.

在第10年第1学期末, all boys will be given application forms on which they should indicate their sporting involvement whilst at the School. The 体育运动smaster will then issue blazer order forms as boys become eligible to receive their blazer.

The awarding of pockets for blazers is a reward for taking part in sport activities as well as for excellence in any one area. 这些奖项的制定是体育执行或活动执行的职能, 根据各自宪法中规定的标准.



他收到了House colors OR after the winter sports season of Year 10 is complete (if the boy has participated in two sports each year for four years) OR at the end of Term I in Year 10 if he has done something extra by way of a non-compulsory games activity (体育运动, 游泳) OR 他在10年级前获得运动服颜色或奖项(第一,第二,第三).

A boy who is new to the School after Year 7 must either meet the criteria above or must have completed two satisfactory seasons of sport beyond Year 9 (ie End of Year 10).


西装外套、口袋和刺绣都是在The 统一的店购买的. 请注意,刺绣大约需要三周的周转时间.

男孩不得订购运动夹克, pocket or embroidery without a signed order slip from either the 体育运动smaster (sporting award) or the Director of Activities (activities award).


When a boy is eligible to receive his blazer (according to the 体育运动smaster's games criteria - see below) he may automatically have his House pocket put on his blazer. 他不需要有他的家族颜色.


If a boy receives 房子的颜色 before he has received his blazer (according to the 体育运动smaster's games criteria - probably a Year 9 boy), 然后他可以向体育运动smaster申请他的运动夹克和他的学院口袋. 房子的颜色 are awarded by a boy's Housemaster once specific criteria involving successful participation in academic work, 游戏和其他活动.


为了准备在G.P.S. 比赛中,几项运动在假期举行集中集训期. 高中足球队和板球队经常在假期里进行训练和比赛, 通常在最后几天, 而克.P.S. 赛艇比赛人员在圣诞假期的最后一周划船,住在船棚, 哪所学校有充足的宿舍和餐饮设施. 体育运动, Basketball and Rifle Shooting also hold training camps for a period of the vacation prior to their major competitions. 这些营地的食物和交通等费用必须由参加营地的人支付.


学校鼓励男生支持所有体育项目的校队. 所有7至11年级的男孩都可能被要求参加G.P.S. 体育运动 Carnival, for which admission is free for boys in 统一的 and a free programme is provided. 在不同年级组的男孩也可能被要求参加G.P.S. 彭里斯赛艇会. 如果学生必须上学,学校会提供从AG体育官网到学校的交通服务.


In response to a perceived deterioration in the conduct of behaviour at sporting fixtures by both participants and spectators, 下面的声明是由G.P.S. 校长.

The School believes that it contains all the conditions to allow sporting contests to take place in the right atmosphere.



GPS校长制定了以下指导方针,以帮助教师, 教练, 男孩和父母.

AG体育学校的体育是学生全面均衡教育的重要组成部分. The Heads are concerned to preserve sound educational and social practices in the many inter-school sports that are played and ask for the cooperation of school communities to ensure that these aims are realised.

AG体育应该谨慎看待学校体育职业化的趋势. Where such an approach involves sound coaching techniques and is aimed at producing a satisfying and improved level of performance, 这种方法是有益的. 然而, care should be taken to exclude from our schools practices which place the pursuit of victory above those aspects of sport concerned with enjoyment, 平衡发展和良好的体育精神.

换句话说, the spirit of the amateur in its best sense should remain the ideal which guides these aspects of school sports.



使用不良语言, 是否针对裁判, 另一个玩家或自己, 是不可接受的.
球员不应与裁判(无论是男孩还是成年人)争论或质疑裁判的决定. 任何对裁判裁决的否定反应都是不可接受的. (只有在不确定的情况下,队长才可以要求裁判澄清判罚).
胜利或成功时的不谦虚行为, 对错误或失败表现出的自我厌恶是糟糕的体育精神. 无论比赛结果如何,优雅的举止都是很重要的.
球员 are encouraged to play in a positive and sportsmanlike manner and to extend every courtesy to the opposing team. 这应该包括赛前的礼节, recognition of good play on the part of the opposition and extending thanks to the umpire/referee and to the opposition after the match.


如果你的学校是东道主, 家长们被要求承担一些责任,使来访的父母有宾至如归的感觉.
参观另一所学校时, 主办学校的校舍和停车规则, 整洁, 等. 应该受到尊重. 成年人被要求注意这一点, 除了某些情况下的家庭野餐, 在GPS比赛中不应饮酒. If in doubt about such matters, visiting 父母 should check with an official of the host school.
父母永远不应该, 比赛中或赛后, 为教练提供建议, 裁判员/裁判或球员.
吼叫可能是热情的, 应该是积极的而不是消极的, 避免过分关注个人,甚至表扬他. 无论在什么学校,都应该为有技巧的表演和表演鼓掌,树立一个好的榜样.
Parents can assist their son's fuller education by being sensible about the number and length of his sporting commitments. 而这些都是在学校范围内规定的, 父母们应该看到另一个, 课外体育活动不会过度干扰学业, 宗教活动, 文化和社会生活, 还有和家人在一起的时间.


The historic position of the AAGPS has been that schools ought not to offer sporting scholarships. 肖尔继续支持这一立场,并没有针对有天赋的运动员的招生, 它也没有通过减少学费的方式来补贴他们的入学.

更多信息可以在AG体育的 奖学金的页面.